Welcome to 2015!!!

by Steve on January 4, 2015

2015. Let me think through that for a moment. I am unsure where 2014 went. It seems like the time goes by quicker each year the older we get. 2014 brought the lovingBri family both triumphs and losses. I guess that is not any different than any other year really. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the past twelve months is the same disappointment we have had for the past four years. There is still not a successful treatment plan or a cure for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). Not to sound like a broken record but many of you know that this is the monster that took Brianna away from us and has taken so many other innocent children. There were some victories in the world of pediatric brain tumor research I am sure and for those victories we than God.

As we move forward into this new year we are going to ask you for a few things. First, pray for the families and the children who are fighting for their lives right now. Second, pray for those who are on the front lines battling everyday, devoting their lives to curing the kids through treatment or research. Third, pray for the lovingBri Fund, that we will be more successful this year and we will be able to expand our giving. And finally, we would ask that you consider the lovingBri Fund as your go to fund when you have charitable funds to give.

We are currently discussing an opportunity with one who can take us up to the next level, no wait, maybe skip a level and land even higher. We are praying that this opportunity works out and the Fund can bless even more. Even Brianna sends her wishes for this!

Bri Cross

Finally, we pray blessings of health and prosperity over your family until 2016 finds us.

The McQueen Family

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