Time of Giving

by Steve on December 18, 2017

“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.”  –Alice Hocker

We are tasked with giving all throughout the year. Our giving comes in many different forms. Time, love, and money are probably the most notable. But perhaps there is no other time throughout the year where the call to give is so evident and pushed to the front than the time we are in right now, Christmas. I am not a fan of how Christmas has become so commercial but what I am a fan of is the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they are wiping the sleep out and they see that Santa has made a stop in their living room. I am a fan of the joy that they get as they gleefully rip the paper off the gifts and reveal the surprise that hides behind. How can you not be a fan of that? But, let me one up you. Imagine a child in a hospital bed on Christmas morning.  We were not actually in the hospital on any Christmas morning but I did see the times when a gift showed up in Brianna’s room at Riley Hospital and the joy on her face would bring tears to Angie and my eyes. It is a beautiful moment in a stressful, trying time.

lovingBri Fund has been blessed the past two years to be able to provide gifts to the children on the Oncology floor. The ability to do this has been made possible by financial gifts from many of you. Last week I asked for donations to help us make the smiles happen again this year and a few of you stepped up and made generous donations. We are so very grateful to you, for you have shown your greatness. If anyone still wishes to give you can contact Angie or me. We will make this happen again this year and we will share with all of you later in the week. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to actually deliver the gifts to the kids and witness the joy in person due to laws. But, we do not need to see it. We have lived it and just knowing that the kids will forget about being sick for a little while is good enough. And, without a doubt, there will be some Moms and Dads with tears in their eyes, knowing there are others out there who love their kids too and wish the best for them. Thank you all for loving these kids. And thank you all for lovingBri.

More to come….

Merry Christmas

The McQueen Family and the lovingBri Fund





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