RIP Big Mike

by Steve on February 9, 2014

Big Mike Eclipse Band

Big Mike Donaldson with his beloved Les Paul.(Photo courtesy of Hot Shots Photography, Indianapolis, IN)

If you are a motorcyclist in Indiana, have visited the ABATE of Indiana bash called the Boogie, attended the ABATE of Kansas annual party, or spent time in South Dakota or Wyoming around the Sturgis Rally you know the name Big Mike and you know the Eclipse Band. Big Mike was a great vocalist and even more accomplished guitarist. I was always in awe of the man and how he made a Les Paul sing even with those big, bear sized hands and fingers of his.

For those who were fortunate enough to know him outside of his music, you were truly blessed. What you got was a man who loved his family and his music. He enjoyed many things like hunting and fishing but my perception was that he was happiest putting smiles on people’s faces with his music. He never failed at that.

I find it ironic that Mike was taken from this earth by a heart attack since this man was all heart. He was always doing for others and just last September he, through Eclipse Entertainment, partnered with our fund, the lovingBri Fund, to help us raise money to cure childhood cancer. He only asked for a small donation to help cover costs and pay his helpers and agreed to come out and do it all again in 2014. But, the next ride he said he would do for free. Mike and friends also worked on projects that were dear to his and brother Donnie’s hearts to help feed Veterans in need among other things. That was Mike. He loved his wife. He loved his family. He loved his band. And, he loved making you and me smile through music.

If a heart attack is caused by so much giving, so much sharing of love that your heart just stops from exhaustion then that is what took my friend. He gave it all.

Enjoy that golden Les Paul Mike and hold our baby girl on your lap and hug her from our whole family.

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Charlotte February 9, 2014 at 9:07 pm

Very well said, Steve! Sorry for the loss for your family. Big Mike will be missed.


Randy Worth July 23, 2014 at 12:22 pm

i very sorry for your lost because i have lost two people in my too from heart attack & one in October 26,2010 & this one my wife Patty & the other was my mom & she died in December 25,2010 so i know all what you are going through because i also very well i have been up their with Big Mike & singing with him.


Katrina Martin November 27, 2014 at 8:02 pm

I miss him so much he was always so good to me he taught me a lot about music and that life is to sorry to take it for granted. He is my family but he has always been a friend no matter what and never judgmental about anything. I love you big Mike Carrie on in our hearts and dreams you are missed look down on us in our time of need and help us through any times that maybe hard.


Perry January 31, 2016 at 10:00 am


I’m not from Indiana. I live in France and I recently discovered the music of Mike Donaldson and the Eclipse band.
Great ol’ school Southern rock, from the finest. Many of authenticity and soul !

But it is very difficult to find the CDs in Europe and the email address “” does not exist anymore

Could you indicate a valid address (without Facebook) to order the eclipse band CDs or to buy and download their Music ?

Many thanks

thank you very much


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