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by Steve on February 28, 2014

Hello all!

I guess I am making up for the lost time over the past few weeks but wanted to get this new opportunity to help the kids out to you. We were recently approached by a business with an offer that will provide much needed funds towards pediatric brain tumor research, assistance to families fighting terminal illness, and potentially help us take the next step up the ladder to allow us to start helping fund Make-A-Wish trips.

Plethora Warehouse wants to bless the lovingBri Fund by donating 5% of their profit from every sale to the fund. This business is owned by Jim Grass of Mooresville and his family has been a great supporter of the lovingBri Fund. We are very grateful for this opportunity as it does not cost the fund any time or money, allowing us to focus on other needs.

I have spent some time this morning looking through the website and I am amazed at the amount and diversity of the inventory. Think of the big box stores on steroids! Tools, bedding, electronics, organic items, etc. You can find it all there.

In order to help the kids we need this campaign to be successful. In order for it to be successful we need you. Click on the name anywhere in this post and go check out the site. If you need to buy something always check here first and see if they have the item you need and consider making your purchase at Plethora Warehouse. You will help a child every time you do.

Thank you for your consideration. I am sure Plethora Warehouse would appreciate your business and those that we are able to help through this generous offer will be very grateful!

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