Another Angel

28 February 2014

Although we tend to focus on kids with brain tumors, we are saddened when any child is diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease. We are even more saddened when we lose a child. Although we know that God takes His little children into His arms, those of us left here to remember them are […]

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Catching Up

28 February 2014

Hello Team lovingBri!! I wanted to get a post out to let you all know that we have been very busy as of late. We have alot of bracelets coming in from you Loom Loonies!!!! I will be sending them out early next week so you have a couple more days if you need them. […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day from lovingBri Fund

14 February 2014

We at the lovingBri Fund want to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Cards, candy, gifts, and flowers are nice but the best gift that you can give, especially to your children, is to let them know how much you support them and how much you love them. When it comes down to […]

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Cancer Sucks

10 February 2014

It is amazing how lovingBri pops up in so many places. It does not happen by accident. It happens because Brianna touched people’s lives and they try to help us keep her memory alive. Perhaps two of the biggest supporters we have are Melissa and Chris Sorrentino of Danville. They are always posting pictures of […]

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RIP Big Mike

9 February 2014

If you are a motorcyclist in Indiana, have visited the ABATE of Indiana bash called the Boogie, attended the ABATE of Kansas annual party, or spent time in South Dakota or Wyoming around the Sturgis Rally you know the name Big Mike and you know the Eclipse Band. Big Mike was a great vocalist and […]

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Make Her Day

26 January 2014

Laila Grace Hathcock is a beautiful little girl from Louisiana who was diagnosed in November of 2012 with the terrible brain tumor Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, the same tumor that Brianna had. Today, January 26th, 2014 Lailah will turn four years old. Her parents are asking for birthday wishes and I am asking you to […]

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Happy Heavenly Birthday Bri!

24 January 2014

Eleven years ago today, at 1:17 p.m., Brianna Nicole McQueen was welcomed into this world by her family. Brianna was born at St. Francis Hospital in Mooresville and she was a Princess from the beginning. We were always awestruck at the beauty of this child and her Daddy was dreading the time when she would […]

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The Wait is Over!

20 January 2014

Few things in this life are worse than having to wait on something that you are excited to find out the answer to. You have waited for over a week to hear the number of smiles your efforts will produce. Many kids will be smiling HUGE in the coming weeks as they are given their […]

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Loom Loonies Call to Action!

17 January 2014

We are overwhelmed by all the bracelets you have donated! The past three days have been crazy. Wednesday found our mailbox stuffed with packages and Angie and Tori spent the evening counting, cataloging, taking pics, and giving recognition on the LovingBri Fund facebook page. They were exhausted as Tori had softball practice that night and […]

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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

14 January 2014

Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, or so goes the saying. Since posting January 8th about making the loom bracelets the lovingBri Fund website and facebook page have remained extremely busy. On this page alone we have had over 10,000 hits since that day and that does not count any facebook interactions. Our likes […]

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