Our mission is simple. Aid in the collection of funds to insure that pediatric brain tumor research rises to the next level and give back to organizations that provide financial help to families who have a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness.

We focus on two main groups. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the largest non-governmental provider of funds for pediatric brain tumor research in the United States. They provide funds to major research projects in many hospitals and insure that research advances are shared with other medical doctors in order to save lives.

Our second group is Act of Faith. Act of Faith is located in Central Indiana and provides financial support to local families of those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Act of Faith was gracious enough to help our family during our time of need.

When lovingBri is blessed beyond the goals we have to help the organizations listed above we hope to provide funds to Make-A-Wish and directly to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. All of the organizations listed were beneficial to our family during our struggle.

In summary, we wish to honor Brianna through giving.

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