Loom Loonies Call to Action!

by Steve on January 17, 2014

We are overwhelmed by all the bracelets you have donated! The past three days have been crazy. Wednesday found our mailbox stuffed with packages and Angie and Tori spent the evening counting, cataloging, taking pics, and giving recognition on the LovingBri Fund facebook page. They were exhausted as Tori had softball practice that night and the one hour drive each way and two hour practice got us home very late. This left little time to get everything done. But, Thursday brought a bigger surprise as the post office did not even try to stuff anything in the mailbox. They brought the day’s bounty in the USPS totes and just left them on the porch. Today brought the same thing. They are sitting in the floor still going at it as I type this. Many of you have been asking how many were made and unfortunately we will not have that final count as Tori has softball games this weekend. We hope to give you the numbers on Monday, if we are done counting.

But, we have an exciting opportunity ahead of us. More bracelets are needed and we have agreed to help out! We hope that you all are on board for round two and we want to give you more time this go around. So, the deadline for the second round of bracelets will be 2/28/14. This gives about six weeks to cramp those fingers as much as possible.

People have come up with creative ideas to maximize the amount of bracelets they are sending in. We have been told about girl scout troops making bracelets at home or at meetings. Families sitting together looming as they watch movies. School classes making them together during indoor recess. And, just today, a school asking if we were going to have a second shipment because they were going to involve the whole school.

Mrs. Stewart's class at Newby elementary showing off their recess creations.

Mrs. Stewart’s class at Newby elementary showing off their recess creations.

You all will never know how grateful we are to you. This gesture of your compassion for sick children is going to make so many kids smile. Their spirits will be lifted in a scary time for them and we thank you for that. This campaign has blessed so many. The lovingBri Fund is now known nationally which will help us raise more funds than ever to fund research in an effort to end pediatric brain tumors. Your children are blessed to learn about helping others. And you have been blessed to be able to be Mom or Dad and to teach your children about something so special.

Thank you all. You are rockstars!

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