Fifteen Minutes of Fame

by Steve on January 14, 2014

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Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, or so goes the saying. Since posting January 8th about making the loom bracelets the lovingBri Fund website and facebook page have remained extremely busy. On this page alone we have had over 10,000 hits since that day and that does not count any facebook interactions. Our likes on facebook have jumped considerably and as of this evening we have over seven hundred bracelets that we are going to be sending out this weekend. We fully expect to meet and exceed our original goal of 1,000 before the shipment leaves Indiana. Since starting the fund we have not had more than a couple hundred hits in any week. The interest in the fund and the work we are doing has never been higher than it is right now.

Which brings me to the fearful question. Is this our fifteen minutes of fame?

I truly hope not. Nonprofits are always trying to find new activities to fund the charitable interests that they pursue. The only way to raise funds is try and grow your followers and we have done that greatly over the past week. In our case, our popularity with people and the constant growth of that popularity are essential in funding research to find the cure for pediatric brain tumors, the very monster that took away our precious nine year old daughter. In other words, we can not afford for this to be our fifteen minutes of fame.

You have brought us this newfound popularity. Your network of friends, family, and coworkers have helped us to grow. Tonight, I am not asking you for money. If you are led by your heart to make a donation of your own free will please look at the column on your right and there is a donation button for Paypal or credit card payments and there is also an address to mail a check if you wish to do so. What I AM asking from you is simply this. Push our name out farther. Encourage people in your network to visit our page and take a look at our story and what we do. Take the lovingBri Fund national. If you do that the funds will come without us asking.

YOU can make sure that this is not lovingBri Fund’s fifteen minutes. A child’s life depends on it.

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