January 2018

Happy 15 Princess Bri!

by Steve on January 24, 2018

It is hard to imagine what a day in Heaven is like. Birthdays are special days here on Earth but what can top a day in Heaven? Today you would be fifteen years old. It is hard to believe. Just days ago, January 21st, we grieved your loss five years and ten months ago. And now, we both celebrate and grieve the fact that you are now one year older. Our thoughts are filled with you every day but some days we spend quite a bit of time wondering. Many things come to mind like, what would your favorite music be? Which group would you be listening to the most? (Daddy hopes it would not be Beiber!). How good would you be in dance and gymnastics, your two favorite things as a child. What would your dreams be? Could you be any more sassy at fifteen than you were at nine? That one scares us.

Being our selfish selves we would love for you to be here with us, celebrating your day. But, we would never wish for you to have to leave the perfect paradise that you are a part of. We will never stop missing you. We will never stop loving you. We will never cease using your story to make people aware of the families who face the same battles we did. Your legacy lives on through all who loved you. You still impact many lives just as you did on Earth and, although not here, God continues to use you. For that we are grateful. For that we are proud. Happy Birthday our beautiful Princess. This is your day.

The McQueens