After an amazing opportunity at Christmas it is hard to believe that we have been approached with an opportunity for an even bigger blessing to children that are fighting illness. To make it even more unbelievable and more amazing this opportunity comes from the same anonymous donor who made Christmas possible for the Riley kids.

There is a little different spin on this opportunity and that is where you come in. We need your help to make this happen. The amazing Mr. Anonymous messaged me after we delivered the gifts to Riley on the 23rd and said that helping the kids moved him to act again in early 2016. He has offered something that will allow us to help not only Christmas 2016 but throughout the year.

Here is where YOU can make a difference. Our amazing anonymous donor has provided us with a date range of jan 1 2016 until March 17, 2016. Between these dates he will match, dollar for dollar, every donation up to the cumulative amount of $2500!! The lovingBri Fund could have $5000 available to use through 2016 to make a difference in the lives of young cancer patients. We would love to be count you as a partner in this endeavor. Please message me or Angie on facebook or email me at steve.mcqueen@lovingBriFund.org to find out how to make your donation. Let’s honor Bri while changing the lives of these kids!! Please share this with everyone and max this generous offer out!!!


Merry Christmas 2015

by Steve on December 25, 2015

As hard as the Christmas holiday is on our family we had a rewarding holiday. As you know, our motto is “Honoring Her Through Giving” and we were able to do that thanks to a generous cash donation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous in the true spirit of what God teaches us.

We took a few days to decide how to use this money. Our donor asked us to make sure some sick children were shown a little hope and joy for Christmas. We took a few days to decide on how we could best do this and Angie had the idea to buy gifts for the kids on the oncology floor at Riley Children’s Hospital. after collecting some info on the kids there we were off to Greenwood Park Mall to get the younger kids a gift. Angie had the idea to buy the younger kids a bear from Build a Bear. you can only imagine the looks we received when we got in to stuff the bears with twelve bears, six for girls and six for boys. The looks were even a little crazier as we left the store with twelve boxes. It was really fun.

Samantha, our Build a Bear helper, tying up one of the twelve bears.

Samantha, our Build a Bear helper, tying up one of the twelve bears.

After we left we went to buy gifts for the remaining kids on the oncology floor who were 13 or older. We decided they would enjoy iTunes cards much more than a Build a Bear! Nine cards later we were back at home and to prepare everything for delivering to Riley the next day.

The next morning we made the drive to Riley. We felt blessed for what we were chosen to do but Angie and I had the familiar pit in our stomach that we used to get on those many trips to radiation, chemo, and hospital stays. Once inside the building though we remembered why we were there and that Brianna’s spirit was in that building. Here are some pics of our day. Thank you to God for blessing our anonymous donor with the resources to make this happen. Thank you to our anonymous donor for trusting us and the lovingBri Fund with this amazing task. Merry Christmas from the lovingBri Fund, the McQueen family, and our amazing anonymous donor!!





30 September 2015

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Hello all! I guess I am making up for the lost time over the past few weeks but wanted to get this new opportunity to help the kids out to you. We were recently approached by a business with an offer that will provide much needed funds towards pediatric brain tumor research, assistance to families […]

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Hello Team lovingBri!! I wanted to get a post out to let you all know that we have been very busy as of late. We have alot of bracelets coming in from you Loom Loonies!!!! I will be sending them out early next week so you have a couple more days if you need them. […]

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We at the lovingBri Fund want to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Cards, candy, gifts, and flowers are nice but the best gift that you can give, especially to your children, is to let them know how much you support them and how much you love them. When it comes down to […]

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Cancer Sucks

10 February 2014

It is amazing how lovingBri pops up in so many places. It does not happen by accident. It happens because Brianna touched people’s lives and they try to help us keep her memory alive. Perhaps two of the biggest supporters we have are Melissa and Chris Sorrentino of Danville. They are always posting pictures of […]

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