Happy 15 Princess Bri!

by Steve on January 24, 2018

It is hard to imagine what a day in Heaven is like. Birthdays are special days here on Earth but what can top a day in Heaven? Today you would be fifteen years old. It is hard to believe. Just days ago, January 21st, we grieved your loss five years and ten months ago. And now, we both celebrate and grieve the fact that you are now one year older. Our thoughts are filled with you every day but some days we spend quite a bit of time wondering. Many things come to mind like, what would your favorite music be? Which group would you be listening to the most? (Daddy hopes it would not be Beiber!). How good would you be in dance and gymnastics, your two favorite things as a child. What would your dreams be? Could you be any more sassy at fifteen than you were at nine? That one scares us.

Being our selfish selves we would love for you to be here with us, celebrating your day. But, we would never wish for you to have to leave the perfect paradise that you are a part of. We will never stop missing you. We will never stop loving you. We will never cease using your story to make people aware of the families who face the same battles we did. Your legacy lives on through all who loved you. You still impact many lives just as you did on Earth and, although not here, God continues to use you. For that we are grateful. For that we are proud. Happy Birthday our beautiful Princess. This is your day.

The McQueens


It’s lovingBri Christmas 2017

by Steve on December 23, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We were blessed again in 2017 to have some beautiful supporters donate so that we could provide gifts for the children on the cancer floor at Riley Hospital. Thank you all for loving the kids and helping us keep Bri’s memory alive. We are so grateful for you.  For the past three years we have been able to provide Build a Bears and gift cards to the kids. We hope and pray that one year, very soon, we will not have any kids on the floor to buy for. What a dream that would be!!

On Wednesday night we braved the Greenwood Park Mall and continued the bear shopping tradition. This year we had an extra crew member in tow, Tori’s friend Sierra. The girls had a great time while getting the bears stuffed but seemed to have some red faces when they had to go through the whole “kiss the heart” routine before putting the heart in the bear. They ended up stuffing a total of sixteen bears and printing off the birth certificates, which we left the names blank so the kids could name their own bear. The employees stuffed the bears in big trash bags and gave us a whole bundle of boxes to build later.

After we finished we had a quick dinner and then surprised Tori with an early Christmas present. More on that in another post. On Thursday evening Tori assembled the boxes and Ang laid out the 2017 Build a Bear family for a quick picture.

The plan was to make our delivery on Friday 12/22. Somehow, we found two little girls who wanted to be a part and what a way to have a little lesson in giving. We loaded up the van and drove to Riley, listening to Journey sing Christmas carols along the way. We arrived and everyone helped get bears in, including the smallest of helpers.

Once they were all in we took the annual pic by the tree. The tree at Riley is amazing.

It would be hard to top the day we were having but then we ran into another Mooresville family, the Strietelmyers, taking gifts to the kids. Kiley, who is in Tori’s class, is battling cancer and we ask that you take the time to pray for her. The Cheer Guild director met us all downstairs and offered a tour of the toy room where all the donations go to be safety checked before they are distributed. The Director, Ann, told us that the smallest amount of toys passed out in many month in the past was 6,000 and the most was 14,000. It is simply amazing the heart that people and companies show these kids.

Our last stop of the day was to take some gift cards up to the oncology outpatient clinic and see Brianna’s favorite nurse Chrissi. We ended up getting off the elevator on the wrong floor and ran into Jane, a nurse practitioner who treated Bri, and nurse Tiffany who also was part of the team. Some tears were shed and then we moved on to the clinic and Chrissi came out to see us. We gave her the gift cards to distribute and ended our day.

If you would like to give to the Riley kids please click HERE to visit the Riley Cheer Guild.

Merry Christmas from the lovingBri Fund!!!!


Time of Giving

18 December 2017

“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.”  –Alice Hocker We are tasked with giving all throughout the year. Our giving comes in many different forms. Time, love, and money are probably the most notable. But perhaps there is no other time throughout the year where the call to give is […]

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Hello 2017!!!!

1 January 2017

Happy New Year from all of us at the lovingBri Fund!!!  We send our prayers from our family to yours for prosperity, happiness, and health. May we all laugh a little louder and love a little stronger. The McQueens

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Last Chance Don’t Waste It

31 December 2016

New Year’s Eve. The night before we say goodbye to one year and we usher in the next.It is your last chance to do things for the current year you are experiencing. Things like getting that one last kiss from your loved one. Make that certain person’s day with a phone call or a kind […]

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Christmas is for Giving Back

26 December 2016

Ben Carson said, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Mother Teresa stated, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” And Jesus, in his teachings, said that, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Angie, Tori, and I spent Friday morning […]

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Mr. Anonymous Christmas Challenge 2017

12 December 2016

Wanted to put out a quick reminder that our gracious friend Mr. Anonymous has again challenged all of us to come up with $500 to make the kids on the Riley Hospital oncology floor have a Merry Christmas like last year. He will match what we can come up with dollar for dollar up to […]

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Operation Unlock the Chain 2016!! Blessed Beyond Belief!!

26 December 2015

  After an amazing opportunity at Christmas it is hard to believe that we have been approached with an opportunity for an even bigger blessing to children that are fighting illness. To make it even more unbelievable and more amazing this opportunity comes from the same anonymous donor who made Christmas possible for the Riley […]

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Merry Christmas 2015

25 December 2015

As hard as the Christmas holiday is on our family we had a rewarding holiday. As you know, our motto is “Honoring Her Through Giving” and we were able to do that thanks to a generous cash donation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous in the true spirit of what God teaches us. […]

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30 September 2015

I revisited this today. I originally read this days after it was written by our friend Paul Uhls. The date on the post is March 21, 2012, the day Jesus came to take Brianna home. As I spent a few minutes reading through it again today it brought the same emotions that it did the […]

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